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Pain and Sushi: an Akutsu x Kawamura Fan Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Pain and Sushi: an Akutsu x Kawamura Fan Community

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[Fanfic] Three Girly Words + small request [Apr 21st, 2009]

This community is so quiet ;_; So here I come bearing a short fic for you :)
I'm not a very experienced writer, I always have a lot of ideas for fanfics in my head, but rarely find the inspiration to write them down, so this is one of the rare cases.
Please excuse me if there are loads of spelling/grammatical mistakes, English is my second language. And please excuse me if the fic is worthless too XD

Title: Three Girly Words
Author: insertevilname
Pairing: AkuTaka
Rating: PG
Summary: Oh, well.. Not much of a story here really. I just wanted to write some fluffy-ish AkuTaka :D

This way, if you please!Collapse )

Oh, and I have a request for you too. I saw, a few entries down, that there was an interview with Juri and Konii for DL2. But the download link is dead since long, and I haven't found the interview anywhere else, so I was just wondering if anybody still had it so they could upload it? Or if anybody knows where I could find it? Thank you very much! :)
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Fic! but not written by me ;;; [Dec 9th, 2008]

Just joined!
noticed how its been dead around here so thought I should post!!

I just found this fic that is . . . too great for words (>///x///<)
Its not by me, but take a look!
*Warning: its rated M in Fanfiction.net, and is basicly R~NC-17!!*

(Jerks Can Be Tender Too)

Also! The author sent me the link to it here on LJ! It also comes with some very sexy supliments ^^
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OVA 17 - SHARE THE LOVE!!!!! XD [Jan 21st, 2008]


Yo! Thought I'd joined this community ages ago but apparently not. -_-

Anyway, I have recently rewatched OVA 17 and *squeal!!!* THE AKUTSUKAWAMURA!!!  XD  I was just SO surprised to have him suddenly appear but it was so so delicous.  The show supports it!  LOL.

Eh hem, sorry, a little hyper there.  But I was just wondering did anyone else became ultra happy because of it or was it just me?

And on that note, were there any other tiny little scenes between those two during that show that just made you want to punch the air and go "YES!" then grin like an idiot?

Come on people!  Leave a comment!!  Share the love!!!

~Peace XD

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Fanart for ' Drunken Confession' [Aug 31st, 2006]

I commented on dearangelogata 's AkuTaka fic 'Drunken confession' saying something about wanting to draw fanart from it...So I did!^_^

Well, it's taken me a while to get round to actually colouring this, but I finally finished it tonight^^
I'm still working on a proper background though, so this isn't.. final final.

Don't worry, it's completely worksafe as well.

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[Fanfiction][NC-17] Drunken Confession [Aug 22nd, 2006]

This is a prequel to another akutaka fic I wrote just recently (http://dearangelogata.livejournal.com/674507.html).

Title: Drunken Confession
Author: dearangelogata
Pairing: AkutsuxKawamura
Rating: NC-17
Summary: SMUT and SMEX. Akutsu finds a drunken Kawamura wandering through the streets at night, and takes him out for even more alcohol and beer. Eventually Kawamura confesses the feelings he'd had for some time, and they fall into a night of drunken sex. I completely recommend you read the original fic first before you read this one, or else it won't have the same impact.

(Alcohol can lower inhibitions... especially in yaoi.)
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[Fanfic][R] The Cycle [Aug 19th, 2006]

Title: The Cycle
Author: dearangelogata
Pairing: AkutsuxKawamura
Rating: R
Summary: Kawamura can't stand the relationship he has with Akutsu anymore, and is forced to deal with the emotional stress of it all.

(The Cycle)
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Fanart^^ [Aug 17th, 2006]

Thought I'd contribute something to this comm. since I just recently joined up^^

At the moment it lacks a thrilling background, just cos i'm not very good at them really^^;;
Anyway...It's perfectly worksafe, G I'd say, so, click away^^
Onwards!Collapse )
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*pumps some life in the comm * [Aug 8th, 2006]

[ mood | hyper ]

I claimed Taka at 5trueloves and this is my first Taka/Akutsu fic for that comm, as well as my first Akutsu/Taka fanwork ever. Enjoy and gimme C&C!

Title: Choices in life
Author/Artist: Maria
5trueloves themes used: 13 (bad habit), 27 (similarity)
Pairing/Characters: Takashi Kawamura x Jin Akutsu.
Rating: PG-13 for slash
Disclaimer/claimer: Konomi's! Not mine!
Summary: If Kawamura thinks you're wrong, he'll say it... Settled years after the series.

Link goes to my fanfic journal

-- x-posted to 5trueloves

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gotta keep this comm alive, man, alive [Jul 28th, 2006]

[ mood | happy ]

An oekaki of mine from ages ago. |D;;

light RCollapse )

And a thing I did in MS Paint for an awesome buddy of mine.

crackCollapse )

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haha this comm is so dead but oh well [Jul 26th, 2006]

[ mood | chipper ]

(crossposted to 2 other comms w/ variations)

I claimed Kawamura at drabbles100, and even though it has not been officially approved yet (that never stopped anybody!) I've got about 9 drabbles done.

The second one is AkuTaka (naturally) and can be seen under the cut :3

The others are under my drabbles100 tag or at my ff.net account.

theme 40, sightCollapse )

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[translation] Online Comic. [Oct 2nd, 2005]

R-rated AkuTaka online comic, "translation" done to avoid doing japanese homework.


follow along if you can. (because it's mostly a sketch, I can't tell who's talking mos tof the time)

PiercingCollapse )

the translation sucks, seeing as it took me like 15 minutes and I had just spent 8 hours writing a noh play, so...I might go back and fix it in the future. For now, though. For now, it's okay.
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ficpost [Aug 25th, 2005]

... I love how this is my own comm and it didn't occur to me to post this fic(smut? pwp?) here. ^^;;; this is where we don't speak badly of my management skills.

Title: Say It
Author: Mina (dearangelogata)
Pairing: Akutsu/Kawamura
Rating: VERY NC-17
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Disclaimer: If I owned Prince of Tennis I'd be one happy, happy man. But, I don't. Sooo... I wipe my hands clean of these characters - but I do not wipe my hands clean if they're so deathly OOC
Notes: straight PWP. Proceed with caution.

Say It... please.Collapse )

a few liberties were taken to adjust one place in the fic, if you read the version off my journal. But, it's exactly the same. I just added spastastic HTML-age to one line. Hahahaha-- *cough*

... and yes. It's quite obvious at this point. I have a strange love for AkuTaka, but somehow.. I don't like them being together. Ah, the melancholy life. ^^
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[fic] Liberal (an AkuTaka sonnet, PG-13, by Kimmie) [Aug 13th, 2005]

Title: Sonnet: Liberal (AkuTaka)
Author: Kimmie (mirafrac@hotmail.com)
Archive: livejournal: hanahadauncute
Category: yaoi, poetry
Pairings: AkuTaka
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, I mean no harm, I have no money... Stuff like that. Yeah.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Non-graphic sexual content.
Spoilers: None.
Notes: I wrote two Tenipuri sonnets a few days ago (here) and decided to write more. So, here goes. ^_^ (Be warned that I posted AtoMo and Golden Pair sonnets along with the AkuTaka.)

Read it HERE.
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Fan Art! <3 [Aug 10th, 2005]

Thanks to airairo we got a link to some fantastic akutaka fanart. <3


there's a whole takashi section, which includes both takafuji and akutaka fanart. Check out the kiriban section too for some more adorable akutaka fanart. Oh, and check under the lj-cut for a few previews!

preview!Collapse )
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Fanfic! <3 (like omg. wow) [Jul 11th, 2005]

Title: This Sex Game
Part: one
Characters: Kawamura Takashi, Momoshiro Takeshi, Akutsu Jin and various others.
Rating: Hard R or light NC-17
Summary: As a married gay man, Kawamura has learned to adapt to the lifestyle of sleeping behind his wife's back in order to satiate those feelings of homosexuality.
Warnings: Straight sex and relations do ensue, but they certainly aren't the main focus of this story. Also, there are references to a relationship between a 15 year old and his 27 year old teacher.
Pairings: Akutsu/Kawamura
Comments: Technically, this was intended to be a one-shot fanfic, so expect it to show up again in it's original, whole form sometime in the future. But for now, consider this something of a very long teaser. ^_^

The Sex GameCollapse )
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Fic recs [Jun 28th, 2005]

[ mood | sore ]

Just a few fic recs to keep this community alive >> *pokes it*

(I would actually explain why each fic is so good, except I just gave a massage and am sore ;_; Oh, and classes tomorrow. Woe.)

Fever Dream by Kojicrisp (R)
Jin Akutsu's got a heck of a cold, but he doesn't need anyone to take care of him...or does he? Akutsu x Taka in all of its weird, awkward wonderfulness.

Assililation by Jade Maxwell (R)
[AkuTaka; rated R for a slightly disturbing theme; Akutsu's POV] Akutsu has an obsession.

More Than Words by Yumehime Yana Hossuru
[For Taka-san] He never thought that he'd belong. But just one look in those eyes and he knew he didn't need any words at all.

Any others suggestions? I'll be glad to edit the post if any more are found :D

dearangelogata's fic!verse was already posted (and is covered in the Fleeting Fancies site ;;

And of course, the AkuTaka Section at Fleeting Fancies

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[Jun 13th, 2005]

[ mood | busy ]

(exams kill me, thus I make no sense. Er, sorry ;;)

Oooh, AkuTaka, <3 I was just wondering if there was a community for it~

*waves a bit*

Oh and um, gift, yes! I just found this and thought it incredibly cute, sorry if anyone's already seen it ;;

Some rather cute Oekaki AkuTaka fanart ♥ Worksafe, the highest it gets is PG, at most.

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Introduction!? [May 28th, 2005]

Go figure, I'm such a terrible mod to never make a huge happy introduction post! But here we go~

Welcome to the Akutsu and Kawamura fan community! (well~ while I perfer to think of them as a couple, you can be in this community if you like them as friends too.... but why!? Why would you just want them to be friends!? They have the best kind of sex! I mean...)

Feel free to post all the drabbles, fanfiction, fanart, doujin scans (right, like those actually exist) and media that you want! If I were still on my high speed connection I would have uploaded the *cough* akutaka scene from Bukimyu, but who here hasn't seen that yet?? (wah, kotani... juri... ahhh!! beautiful...)

I'm still working on the layout.. >.>

If you haven't read any of my kisses for AkuTaka.. then I shamlessly plug it: The Little AkuTaka Universe I try so hard to pretend is real

... I'm starting to think... if they get around to making albums for all the Seigaku Members, Akutsu and Kawamura need a duet together. Imagine the... crack??

oh... and do me a favor...

don't let this community die.

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[May 5th, 2005]

[ mood | excited ]

Although I've never been a big Akatsuki fan (actually kinda freaked with glee when Ryoma beat his ass at tennis), I always saw the spark between these two. Of course, I'd be blind if I didn't, but that's not the point. The point is that it intrigued me, because I have a soft spot for pairings involving someone who's wicked and someone who's not.

I'm glad there's a community for it! I'm looking forward to seeing some fanworks. :D I'll try and make icons to share!

Edit: ROFL Look at my BEAUTIFUL typo! XDDD I was thinking of this webcomic when I was typing. I apologize for my stupidity, but I'm leaving it like that 'cause I think it's hilarious.

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[May 5th, 2005]

Wow, an actual community for this nice pairing. I've always liked it, but since there was so little to find about the both of them, it never became as much of a fave as it might have been. Hope this community might do something to change that ;)
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